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How Long After a Demand Letter Does a Settlement Take?

After a demand letter is sent, the waiting begins. How long after a demand letter does a settlement take? This is an important question, and personal injury victims have medical bills and other expenses that need to be paid. Understanding what a demand letter is and how long it might take to receive compensation after sending it can go a long way toward planning in a personal injury case.

What is a Demand Letter?

A demand letter is exactly what it sounds like. The person who is injured (or the attorney) sends a letter to the other party (and/or that party’s insurance company), making a demand for compensation. A demand letter may be sent after a car accident, a slip and fall, or other types of personal injuries. The goal is to ensure that the claim is paid in a timely manner and that fair and just compensation is provided for the injured party.

Demand Letter Response Time

The demand letter time frame for a South Carolina settlement is one of the concerns for victims in a personal injury case. They want to get their settlement quickly because bills and other expenses are piling up. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee of a particular response time, and there can be delays based on several factors. That adds to the frustration for anyone who has been injured, whether that injury is the result of a slip and fall, a car accident, or some other type of harm caused by another party.

Typical Demand Letter Response Time

The typical demand letter response time is generally a few weeks, but can be as long as a few months in some cases. That’s a long time to wait when you have expenses to worry about, and when medical bills keep accumulating from your accident. It may be even more significant if you’re unable to work for an extended period of time due to your injuries, or if you have others in your family who rely on your support.

Factors That Contribute to Delay

Some demand letters don’t get answered as quickly as others. Common reasons for that include:

  • An insurance adjuster who has a lot of cases going on at one time
  • An adjuster who wants to take a better look at the facts of your case
  • An adjuster acting in bad faith

There are times when adjusters can’t get to your claim quickly, but they may also avoid processing it as quickly as they could because they don’t want to pay out the amount you’re demanding.

How an Attorney Can Speed Up a Settlement

An attorney can speed up the settlement of a demand letter. Even though your insurance company probably knows how much your case is worth, they may still try to fight the claim. That can be common in car accident cases and especially true if the claim is a large one. An attorney can give you the knowledge and guidance you need to seek your full settlement and help you navigate the legal waters that surround a demand letter.

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